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Posted on: January 29, 2008 5:44 am

Super Bowl XLII Tidbits

With Super Bowl XLII 5 days away and counting until the Giants and the Patriots take the Field. I came up with a few tidbit  I have heard the last couple of days.

_ Tom Brady - This just in to the newsroom, Brady will start Super Bowl XLII, Well DUH we all knew this when all the stuff came out about the Boot on Brady's foot. This is the Media at its best trying to make a story out of a non story and just keeps it up until we all get sick of the whole story.

_ Don Shula and the "72" Dolphins - Here is a surprise for everyone, Don Shula is pulling for the Giants in the Super Bowl, I guess that means that the rest of the Grumpy Old Men are doing the same thing. This is why I am pulling for the Patriots to win the Super Bowl, to shut up the Grumpy Old Men forever. That goes double for Mercury Morris everytime he opens his mouth he sounds like a moron.

_ Joe Namath - Joe Namath is pulling for the Giant just like Shula, Namath said this is the first time he has pulled for a NFC team. This is just another case of somebody hating on the Patriots. When the Patriots win on Sunday,  I guess it will stut everybody hating on the Patriots.

_ Super Bowl Ticket Price - Did anybody see the price of a Super Bowl Ticket? On Stub Hub they are going for between $2450 - $19446. The average price of a ticket is $4300 and the NFL originally price those tickets at $700 - $900.
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